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Cleaning up, and thought I’ll just throw these here. Likely has dead links. Definitely slightly embarrassing.

Online shops

Automated Tax Compliance Software – Avalara 


LottieFiles – Free animation files build for Lottie, Bodymovin 

HypeDocks » Resources 

Monthly topics – Tumult Forums 


1944mustang color theme by nathaniel – Adobe Color CC 

Color Trends + Palettes :: COLOURlovers 


The Data Visualisation Catalogue 

Bar Chart 

Datawrapper :: wpVY2 :: Check & Describe 

The ultimate cloud bi data dashboard. Insights in 1 click. 

Datawrapper :: wpVY2 :: Check & Describe 

Tableau Picasso » Blog 

Word Clouds with Tableau – Clearly and Simply 

Five Things I Wish I Knew the First Day I Used Tableau 

Jim Wahl – Tableau – R – Python – Upwork Freelancer from Boston, United States 

A Map of Every Building in America – The New York Times 



Project Jupyter | Home 

Simon Willison on jupyter 

Jupyter Notebook for Beginners: A Tutorial 


Color wheel | Color schemes – Adobe Color CC 

Button Maker 

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator – 

CSS3 Generator 

Patternify | A CSS Pattern Generator 

Any Image To CSS 

Background CSS Generator 

ZenBG—Background Generator 

Express Prefixr 

WordPress sub-menu items split in 2 columns. The easy way. 

Solution For Very Long Dropdown Menus | CSS-Tricks 

Understanding the Walker Class – Tuts+ Code Tutorial 

Online CSS Unminifier – Peter Coles 


Perl Format String Syntax – 1.44.0 


Sed – An Introduction and Tutorial 

UNIX man pages : sed () 

Sublime Text

Package Control – the Sublime Text package manager 

Installation — SublimeLinter 3.4.24 documentation 


Understanding the OSI Model | Computerworld 

WordPress Plugin

Preserve the Editor Scroll Position 

WordPress Security Plugin | Wordfence 

– Revision 1432591: / 

About » Statistics — WordPress 

Main Page « WordPress Codex 


Curtis McHale – Business Efficiency & Pricing Yourself Right Expert — Clarity 

rickrduncan’s gists 

Adding Dashicons in WordPress 

Hello from Tonya | Technology leader, engineer, author, and educator. 

Rename a Genesis Child Theme in 3 Steps | 

How Do You Give Proper GPL Attribution? | Tom McFarlin 

Sucuri SiteCheck – Free Website Malware Scanner 

The Daily Bolt – A curated daily list of Genesis and WordPress articles 

Things You Should Know Before You Purchase Genesis 

WP core load diagram 


Hottest ‘openrefine’ Answers – Stack Overflow 

Recipes · OpenRefine/OpenRefine Wiki 

[repost ]OpenRefine Documentation For Users | Intelligence Computing 

RefinePro Knowledge Base for OpenRefine 

Google Refine | OUseful.Info, the blog… 

Faceting · OpenRefine/OpenRefine Wiki 

Comparing Two Sets of Data in OpenRefine – Kuali OLE – Confluence 

Data Science Toolbox

swirl: Learn R, in R. 

Git quick reference for beginners 

Shopping Cart 

Walker Boyle’s scraping 101


Beautiful Soup- python scraping 

dsc_workshops/ at master · walkerdb/dsc_workshops 

Mac’s Numbers Reference

Formula for conditional font color | Apple Support Communities 

Data Science & Scraping

US Department of Energy – NEPAnode Project 

Data Inventory | Department of Transportation 

MetaCPAN About – 

Data School 

Data Science Specialization 


Scraping data from the web and documents 

Web::Scraper – 

The Data Briefing: The Open Government Data Revolution Is Just Getting Started 

Introduction to Google Maps API – SitePoint 



Hi! I’m Mike Bostock, creator of D3.js and a former graphics editor for The New York Times. I do data visualization, design and open source. AMA! : dataisbeautiful 

About these tutorials — Scott Murray — alignedleft 

D3 — Scott Murray — alignedleft 

ease()-y as Math.PI 

Data Visualization and Infographics with D3.js – Knight Center 

About these tutorials — Scott Murray — alignedleft 

General Update Pattern, I 

Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 

How Selections Work 

Ian Johnson’s Videos on Vimeo 

Introduction to D3 – YouTube 

Index of /0636920026938 

fastest framework web 

MySQL Monitoring Tools and Plugins by Percona 

The League of Extraordinary Packages

cloud computing article 


Keyboard Shortcuts 

Data Science

(16) StatQuest with Josh Starmer – YouTube 

Kaggle: Your Machine Learning and Data Science Community 

Benjamin Bellman 


GitHub – Pierian-Data/Complete-Python-3-Bootcamp: Course Files for Complete Python 3 Bootcamp Course on Udemy 

Online Courses – Anytime, Anywhere | Udemy