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  • Old collection of web-based applications.

    This was originally just a link I posted in 2007, but I got curious and dug the original list out of the wayback machine during this site refresh. I have no idea how many of these are still in existence, but cool list. Original Link: http://www.tzunami.com/No-More-Harddrive.php Enterprise CM Cloud


  • PaaS MVP (Platform as a Service Minimally Viable Product)

    This short contract job in 2022 was a kind of proof-of-concept. I’m under NDA about it, so no identifying information here – but there’s something to be said about WordPress’s path forward with this project. The project is a service provided via a hosted WP instance on client subdomains. It’s a pretty common niche market […]


  • Fem Shred

    Fem Shred is a mobile-first ecommerce shop specializing in Women’s activewear with a social mission. They contracted me to fix some responsive design issues, set up WooCommerce and the requisite fulfillment on the back end, and do preflight testing before launch. This job wasn’t a success, but I’m adding it to my portfolio anyway because […]


  • Small Contract Job

    I a steady stream of this kind of quick work would be amazing: I helped this financial services company sort some script loading issues. The graphs in the image above were not loading. The site architecture was set up such that posts load within posts and the Beaver Builder plugin (which has its own way […]


  • Re: Trading

    During the pandemic, I, too did a little trading. Only in the most conservative beginner way (no leverage, no futures). I’ve also since mostly moved away from it, but I spent some time learning a few things rooting around in the morass of grifters, thieves, cons, and vaporcoins. I didn’t go broke, so here are […]