Patterns, Moire, and Glitch

I was goofing around with vector shapes, it was 2018, and I had just seen the Black Panther movie with my daughter and a piece on the costume design. The PluginScore project and mobile development had introduced me to SVG images, and their strange world.

So, I started playing around with different inconsistencies in elements, spacing, grouping, and orientation while scaling, and just seeing what happens. Somewhat predictably (in hindsight), moiré patterns started showing up and were fun to play with in different configurations and scale.

Zooming out for moire.
Zooming out for moiré.

I have don’t claim to be a graphic designer. This is about programmatically generating graphics and introducing inconsistencies in an attempt to generate something “organic” looking.

If I ever revisit this, I’d like to rebuild it in P5.js and wrap a 3d object with it and see if I can tie the pattern generation mathematically to surface plane variation on the object. Just guessing, could it end up as like 1993 Pixar fur or scales with hexagons?