The WooCommerce Shop

I wanted to get to know WooCommerce so my daughter and I made a shop.

I take full responsibility for the visual abuse that is this logo animation. She chose the name of the site though, and I still have no idea what it means.

This was a fun project. I set up an account with Printful and we made a few hats, t-shirts, and posters. Version 1 got fully operational and we were about to go live with it, but I ended up shelving it kind of at the last minute. My kid had lost some interest, another job came along, and I had become just a little uncomfortable with the idea of selling wares that included some of her friends’ artwork. There was at least some small possibility that it could go sideways. Between money being involved, other parents, and intellectual property law I didn’t want to dig into the paperwork for, it was a choice between trying to future-proof it or chickening out.

Here are a few designs we did though:

A hat logo I’ve worn for years
a possible “back tag” (think outward-facing tag at the top) for shirts.
Star Wars reference! (possibly infringing?)
I believe this was to be a poster.
Poster and/or shirt? One of my favorite shots of my old dog. Needs some editing though.
Kids against fake news!